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SKU: GiantBookOfHerbalTeaRemedies

Herbal teas have been used for centuries as remedies for minor ailments and they can also be delicious. Teas can promote well being and provides a gentle self treatment for many everyday common dis-eases. Herbal teas are easiest and the safest way to benefit from the healing power of herbs.

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SKU: NaturalCuresforIrritableBowelSyn

This IBS ebook empowers you to deal with your IBS symptoms by making several simple lifestyle and dietary changes.  This IBS ebook also recommends supplements, herbs and alternative therapies to address this health challenge.

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SKU: NaturalPainManagementGuide

Learn your options on how to manage your pain without drugs. You need not be held hostage by the drugs companies. You have options. This concise and affordable manual is for people looking for natural ways of dealing with pain for one reason or another.

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