Rituals for Love and Romance: Attract Your Soul Mate with Self-Love and Ceremony

Rituals for Love ~ Soul Mate eBooks

Rituals for Love and Romance: Attract Your Soul Mate with
Self-Love and Ceremony

By Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

Stuck in a Rut without Love and Romance?

Are you:

Asking yourself, "Will I ever find true love?"
Asking your friends, "Who and where on earth is my soul mate?"
Worried that true love has passed you by?
Feeling sad or lonely?
Feeling bad about yourself or your love life?
Ready to free yourself from limiting relationships?
Ready to create a change in your life?

If you checked off at least two of the above boxes, read on!

There are a wide array of love rituals that can support you in loving yourself and attracting your soul mate!

"Rev. Laurie Sue had a profoundly healing and transformational impact in my consciousness and relational life, as she compassionately and skillfully offered powerful activities and sacred rituals that created shifts of consciousness within me in ways that my rational mind alone could not fathom." ~ Joelle

Why Learn and Perform Rituals for Love?

Rituals help us connect to the sacred and extraordinary and they also help us to bring divine energy into our daily lives. They allow our souls to immerse in a spiritual experience and they empower our subconscious minds to manifest a new reality.

"Thank you for your 'Soul mate' insights. You've helped me put the finishing touches on what has been a time of discovery during my first 'voluntary' period of singlehood - at age 54! You have a rare gift for the exact phrasings of the soul... and the heart." ~ Lise St. Amant

How to Attract Your Soul Mate with Rituals for Love

In addition to daily rituals (e.g., making coffee, reading emails, going to work) and life event rituals (e.g., weddings and funerals), there are rituals and ceremonies that allow us to combine the everyday ordinary with the highly spiritual. This kind of ritual or ceremony gives us an opportunity to enact an experience we would like to create in our lives as if it were already so.

This kind of ritual gives us a chance to spiritually heal emotional wounds. It arouses emotions and sends signals to the psyche in a positive way, and in doing so begins to bring us closer to our goals — or draw our desires closer to us. The rituals and ceremonies presented in this ebook are designed to help you begin to spiritually connect with the life you want to live — a life filled with self-honoring, appreciation, beauty and love.

"Rev. Laurie Sue has great insight into the world of love and soulmates. In her years of helping wonderful soulmate couples prepare for their wedding, she has come to learn the secrets of finding true love and being ready to embrace it when it arrives. She is an excellent guide for assisting singles get ready for that kind of committed love and build the foundation for a spiritual partnership." ~ Cornelia Powell, "The Bride's Sage", Editor, Weddings of Grace Online Magazine

In this soulmate ebook, you will be guided to create, personalize, and perform rituals, ceremonies, exercises and meditations designed to:

  1. Love and honor yourself.
  2. Help you heal and release unresolved issues that stand between you and true love.
  3. Energetically and spiritually send out signals to attract and draw in your soul mate.
  4. Take charge of your life and make yourself ready for true love!

"Rev. Laurie Sue was instrumental in my understanding of exactly what I needed to know in order to move forward and become ready to manifest love in my life. A big thank you for your great work!" ~ Anonymous

"Rev. Laurie Sue recognizes that 'finding' a soulmate is counterintuitive -- that to be ready for a true life partner, you must first work on your OWN growth. Rev. Laurie Sue's sage advice helped guide that process for us, individually and then together, until a distance of 1,000 miles between us ultimately melted in each other's hearts." ~ Larry Parker (formerly of New Rochelle, NY) and Ana Paula Morlin of Miami, FL

Be gently guided by Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway in rituals, ceremonies, and meditations to...

  • Mourn Lost Love
  • Heal a Broken Heart
  • Open Your Heart
  • Honor Your self
  • Love Your Body
  • Nourish Your self
  • Heal with Friends
  • Honor Your Yearnings
  • Freshen up Your Home
  • Create a Soul Mate Treasure Map
  • And more!

Powerful Love Rituals

The love rituals and ceremonies suggested and detailed in this soulmate ebook are powerful and can help you clear out negative relationship patterns and spiritually magnetize a healthy and loving relationship.

In addition to this soulmate ebook Rituals for Love and Romance: Attract Your Soul Mate with Self-Love and Ceremony, you will also receive these uplifting and supportive bonus gifts along with your purchase today!

Bonus Gift 1

Get Ready for Your Soulmate

Get Ready for Your Soulmate
A Soulmate ebook by Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

This Soul Mate eBook / Soulmate Workbook helps prepare you for and guide you towards true love. Topics include:

  • Acknowledging and Slaying Personal Dragons
  • Paying Attention to Signals and Intuition
  • Developing the Capacity to Identify True Love
  • And more!

(Downloadable eBook - 25 pages)

Bonus Gift 2

Heart Opening Meditation
Heart Opening Meditation
by Rev. Victor Fuhrman

Be guided to open your heart to yourself. Rev. Victor Fuhrman guides you through a meditation to help you experience love for yourself in a deep and profound way. His deep, encouraging voice speaks to your soul with the message that loving yourself is an essential experience that prepares you to open your heart to another. Finding and activating the special love that dwells deep within you also helps activate the spiritual energy that will help you attract and draw in your soul mate to you; someone who will recognize that love and reflect it back to you.

(Downloadable MP3 audio)

Bonus Gift 3

Heart Opening Chant

Heart Opening Chant
by Ana Hernandez & Ruth Cunningham

This uplifting chant moves the heart to its innate state of openness, compassion and peace. Gifted "Song Healers" Ana and Ruth have been collaborating performers and sound healers since 2001. They have facilitated experiences of healing sound and chant at conferences, workshops, and concerts, and are often called upon to create innovative liturgies. This particular chant (track 5) is from their CD, Harc: Inside Chants. The work of HARC came out of their individual practice and experience with chanting and sacred sound, and their desire to share with others the potential of sound and music to transform lives.

(Downloadable MP3 audio)

Make a Date with Yourself!
Invest in yourself today (for the price of a movie ticket) and discover powerful love rituals, meditations, and exercises to draw in and attract your soul mate. You will also read some true soul mate success stories – sure to inspire!

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About the Author

Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway is an interfaith minister and non-denominational wedding officiant who helps people get ready for love and marriage, and who blesses the unions of couples in love in unique and loving ceremonies. She is widely known for her writings on soul mates, weddings and women's spirituality. She is founder of The Soulmate Project on Beliefnet's social networking community. She is author of 12 books, including Wedding Goddess: A Divine Guide to Transforming Wedding Stress Into Wedding Bliss, The Goddess Pages: A Divine Guide To Finding Love and Happiness and A Goddess Is a Girl's Best Friend: A Divine Guide To Finding Love, Success and Happiness.

Rev. Laurie Sue's Self Healing Expressions eCourses and other eBooks include:

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