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A self empowerment ebook with proven self help strategies that can help you rebuild your life and find happiness and well being. This self help book provides the wisdom of several therapy sessions for the price of a cup of Frappuccino! Sometimes by simply changing your perspective of a situation, you can approach life from a more empowered and proactive place.

Help Me Help Myself is a self help ebook written  to empower people live a happier life. It is authored by David Chilcote,  a successful medical social work therapist, and is designed to help people learn to help themselves. Using stories and examples, as well as tried and true therapeutic advice, this self help book is easy to read and can be effective in helping people facilitate change.

It is further designed as a reference book that can be referred to and re-referred to as life challenges come and go.  Simply written, simply applied.  Embrace it and enjoy life.


Help Me Help Myself excerpt

Consider the fact that there are people around us right now that have improperly learned how to feel better about them self by “making us feel” bad about ourselves.  We have all had these people in our lives that appear to take joy in our pain or at the very least find pleasure in putting us down.  If we allow that to happen, our emotions could ruin most of our days on this planet and our experiences would be jaded by the pessimists with whom we choose to associate.

When and if we stop blaming others for how we feel, we instantly develop a very potent power to choose the feelings we wish to experience ourselves.  While controlling our emotions is certainly not an easy task, it is learnable with practice and it can become second nature.  Once we develop this habit, we can maximize our individual happiness.

A close psychiatrist friend of mine once noted this about emotional control:

Some old vaudeville comedy acts brought laughs over such choices as the two comedians quipped:

“I fell down and sprained my ankle last month.”

“Oh, that’s bad.”

“No, that’s good!  As I lay there on the ground, I found a $100.00 bill.”

“That’s great!”

“No, that’s bad.  I spent all the money to go to a Broadway musical, but I lost my wallet while at the show.”

“Oh, that’s bad.”

“No, that was good.  While I was at the lost and found, I met a dear old friend who I hadn’t seen in 23 years.”

This story highlights the vast importance of our perspective of the events in our lives.  If we perceive something as bad and put a negative value on it, we will guide our emotions into a negative area.  If we perceive something as good, and put a positive value on it, we will guide our emotions into a positive arena.  The latter is what we need to learn to do.

Excerpt from Help Me Help Myself © by David Chilcote. All rights reserved.


Additional Product Details

Format: PDF; 56 Pages

Table of Content

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1 Emotions
  • Chapter 2 Dealing with Shame
  • Chapter 3: Understanding Our Parents
  • Chapter 4 Managing Our Past
  • Chapter 5 Forgiveness of Others
  • Chapter 6 Forgiveness of Self
  • Chapter 7 Dealing with Divorce
  • Chapter 8 The Art of Appreciation
  • Chapter 9 Children
  • Chapter 10 It s All about Attitude
  • Appendix 1 Feeling and Emotions
  • Acknowledgements  


About the Author

David Chilcote David Chilcote II holds a Master's Degree in Social Work and Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Marital Counseling.  He has nearly two decades of experience as a psychotherapist and addictions counselor.  He and his wife currently own a small recruiting business in SW Florida.  He enjoys writing, drawing, riding motorcycles, boating and gardening.

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