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A Message to Healing eBook Authors

HealingeBooks.com is a site where published and indie self-published authors can list and sell their book(s) to online consumers. Publishers may also submit ebooks on behalf of alternative healing or holistic authors they represent.

HealingeBooks.com focuses on a single niche of alternative and holistic healing -- so customers can easily find content in this area. Healing eBook authors (or their publishers) who focus on healing and holistic themes are invited to submit their completed (cart ready) eBooks for consideration.

Healing eBooks (HE) is a sibling (or brother) site to Self Healing Expressions (SHE), provider of holistic eCourses since 2001. HE shares resources with the very large SHE site. SHE enjoys top search engine ranking for many holistic healing keyword phrases. Our ezine, Holistic Expressions, reaches over 25,000 loyal subscribers monthly and features articles (sometimes eCourse or eBook excerpts) by the authors who list their work(s) with our sites – in addition to timely videos, audio meditations, and interactive web tools. We also feature ebook titles and periodic coupon codes our ezine issues.

We are active on various social media networks, such as Twitter, and tweet about our ebook titles to our many followers. Authors are able to establish, build or expand their online following through our holistic sites and marketing efforts.

For Holistic Authors/Publishers interested in joining Healing eBooks now...

We seek additional eBooks for our catalog that are in line with our healing and holistic niche. Accepted eBooks are listed for no fee. We offer eBook authors a 50% – 60% royalty commission on their eBook sales through our sites. We offer 50% for the first ebook submitted and 60% for additional ebooks thereafter - unless otherwise negotiated.

If you have a completed cart ready eBook and you'd like it to be considered for our catalog, please review our process outlined below, and then complete and submit our contract and application forms today. Someone will review your submission and email you as soon as possible. If you’ve questions, feel free to contact us.

This is our process:
  1. Author submits completed eBook (or eBooks) to us as a PDF document, Kindle (mobi) edition, and/or ePub (for Nook, Sony, IPad...). The more ebook formats provided, the more sellable your ebook will be! We will review your ebook to ensure it is up to our standards.

    Side note: If your ebook is fully edited and proofread in a Word document, and you need it properly formatted into a PDF, Kindle, or ePub, we can refer you to (affordable) professionals to help you with this part. If you need a cover design (jpg) created for it, we can also refer a professional for this too. You may email us for this information.
  2. With the author's input, we create and optimize a sales page for the eBook.
  3. We upload ebook(s) into our shopping cart. We welcome the author's input as to the price for their ebook.
  4. We announce eBook in our upcoming ezine and/or promote it through our sites and social media outlets.

Thank you for your interest in adding your healing ebook to our Healing eBook catalog. We look forward to reviewing your application and ebook.

To Your Success!


June Soyka Cook, Co-founder
E-mail Expressions, LLC